National Tree Week Event- Sunday 25th November

Sunset at Thorp Perrow

National Tree Week runs this year from Saturday 24th November to Sunday 2nd December.

This annual celebration of trees was set up in 1975 by The Tree Council to get the people of our country thinking about ever-important trees. Set at a time of the year when the planting of trees is most favourable the Tree Council encourage the public, schools and community groups to go out and plant trees, to add to our woodlands and forests throughout the country. Over the years this has built up to over a quarter of a million-people planting over a million trees in the UK. Community groups and schools can access free tree planting packs from the Woodland Trust that are delivered in time for National Tree Week so there isn’t even any cost to this amazing project!

Trees are vital.

They turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, meaning they play a hugely important part in minimising global warming – they are quite literally the lungs of our planet!

They not only provide us with oxygen but are also great for animals, birds and insects who need them for food and homes to live within.  A mature English Oak tree is home to over 284 species of insect alone – not counting all the other species that the Oak supports, mammals, birds and fungi.

Celebrate National Tree Week with us at an event on Sunday 25th November


Join us for a day of celebrating trees with varies activities for children of all ages including planting your own tree seed to grow at home, painting our famous Thorp Perrow Rocks and getting creative in our craft area! (Cost is £2 per child plus standard admission prices)

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