Spring at Thorp Perrow

Daffodil Trail at Thorp Perrow

The signs of Spring are beginning to show themselves all around the Arboretum.

Snowdrops at Thorp Perrow

After those long, dark, and damp days it’s great to have some Spring cheer in the air. The Arboretum comes to life, bulbs appear adding a spring to your step as you wander around. Snowdrops are often the first brave plant to poke their heads above ground, their appearance heralding Spring and warmer weather. Following the Snowdrops’ brave venture come ever increasing carpets of colour as Daffodil and Bluebell bulbs burst into action, and clouds of blossom explode from buds on the trees. Following the success of last year, we are repeating our Spring Bulb Trail series, so be sure to collect a free trail map and follow the suggested walk around the Arboretum to see the best of the collections and learn fascinating facts and care tips. The trails begin in February with our Snowdrop trail – more info here.

Daffodils and Monument at Thorp Perrow

There’s much to do during Spring in the Arboretum, much of our pruning is completed in preparation for the coming growing season. Mowing will begin on our many grassy areas and the never ending weeds start to appear, keep our grounds team and wonderful volunteers rather busy.

In the Bird of Prey & Mammal Centre, the ongoing building and replacing of existing aviaries will continue throughout the spring and summer, in order to further enhance the well-being of some of our new and older residents alike. The program of works includes plans for a new Stork aviary and a Snowy Owl enclosure. Even this early in the year, many birds are showing signs of getting ready for a busy breeding season – keep an eye on our Facebook page as the season progresses and we introduce some of the chicks. As always there are plans for new additions to the collection too.

Owl chick at Thorp Perrow

Some fun Spring facts –

  • The word ‘season’ is from the Latin word ‘sationem’ which means ‘sowing’ or ‘seed time’.
  • The first day of Spring is called the vernal equinox. The term ‘vernal’ is Latin for ‘Spring’ and ‘equinox’ is Latin for ‘equal night’.
  • In Spring the Earth’s axis is tilted toward the sun, this increases the number of daylight hours and brings with it warmer weather that causes plants to bring forth new growth.
  • Spring is often associated with rebirth, renewal and regrowth.
  • During the Spring, Birds are more vocal as they sing to attract mates and warn away rivals.

We’ve got plenty of events lined up to celebrate Spring: Lunch in the House with a fascinating talk by the Tree Register; the launch of a new Tree trail via a guided tour with our Curator, Faith; our ever-popular Easter Trail and Craft Days for the kids; and the chance to get up close with some of the stunning birds in our Bird of Prey Photography Day. Be sure to check out all of great events in the diary page.

Spring crafts at Thorp Perrow

Spring at Thorp Perrow is a truly sensational time of year, and one that shouldn’t be missed.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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