Forest Bathing

Forest Bath at Thorp Perrow

In my last column, I wrote about my love of gardening as a therapeutic activity and the benefits it can have for us all. Another nature based therapeutic activity that I am also very interested in and I try to implement into my own personal life as well as my professional life is a technique […]

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Wonderful Woodland Wildlife

Butterflies on Butterfly Bush at Thorp Perrow

Mini beasts – You either love them or you hate them! Personally, I love them. They are so, so important to our world, many of us don’t realise that those little buzzy things that most people would swat away, quite literally hold our existence in their tiny wings! Over the past 50 years there has […]

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Gardening as Therapy

Most people who know me know that my background is in nursing. Having always had a huge passion for the outdoors, nature and gardening it seemed an obvious thing for me to retrain in Horticulture. I must say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I found early on in my […]

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